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“Amanda Panda Discovers the Wonderful World of Water”

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Amanda Panda has a fear of water. Her friends take her on a journey during which she learns about life in and around the water. Along the way, she realizes the importance of water to our everyday lives. By journey’s end, Amanda is enthusiastic about learning to swim.

This is a fun, educational book for a wide range of ages.
 While it is an excellent tool for encouraging young children to learn to swim, it also contains interesting facts about animals. Because each page includes translations in Spanish and French, children who are learning these languages can use it as a linguistics tool.

All ages will enjoy this story of friendship.
 Amanda is able to conquer her fear of water because she is given love and encouragement from her friends.

Translations in
Spanish & French

I hope the multi-lingual aspect of this book will help to inspire children of all ages to learn other languages.

Inside the Book

The hand-drawn watercolor illustrations in this glossy, soft-cover 8 1/2″ x 11″, 32-page book will be sure to please all ages.


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Written by Jeff Kelly

Illustrated by Monica Beauchamp

Translations to Spanish by
Marta Silva of Spain, B.A. in Linguistics, Master of Arts in Translation and Culture

With contributions from Laddy Maisonet of Puerto Rico; Gaspar Jaen of Panama; Luzi Munoz of Peru; Rubén Pascottini of Paraguay

Translations to French by
Carolyn Daigle, Master of Arts in French
With contributions from Claude Roque of France and Line Deschênes of Quebec, Canada

The following Educators, Writers, Librarians, Parents and Children provided Evaluation and Critique throughout this project:
Dione Anderson, Master of Arts in Education (Early Childhood); Mary Duchek, Master of Arts in Education (Reading); Jane Westring, Master of Education (Literacy); Debbie Dawn Wells, Master of Arts in Human Development and Family Life; Rebekah Zaiser, Master of Arts in Education (Curriculum and Development); Traci Owens, Master of Arts in Education; Mike Shoulders, Children’s Book Columnist and Published Author; Molly Notestine, Master of Teaching Arts; Jean Gelsinger, Master of English Education; Elizabeth Klay, President, Society of Professional Journalists, Southwest Missouri Chapter; The Librarians of Mid-Continent Library; The Teachers and Students of: Boone Elementary, Hawthorne Elementary, Independence Elementary, Little Saints Montessori School, St. Francis Xavier Elementary, St. Regis Elementary, Wilkinson Preschool; The Families of: Ben and Dione Anderson; Ann Adams; Mary Helen Houlihan; Stephenie and Don Hollaway; Gerald and JoAnn Kelly; Ann and Steve Ryan; Sandra and Steven Stites; Laurie Walker

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