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Ability: Degree of Autonomy (Measured in Distance)

Ability 1

Ability 2

Ability 3

Ability 1

Criteria: The student is cautious or has a fear of the water. The student will not move through the water to the instructor without “Buoyancy Support” from the instructor. Buoyancy Support means that the instructor holds the student’s abdomen, providing buoyancy assistance, as the student attempts to perform \ assimilate multiple Thematic Movements. Thus, the student’s ability of autonomy, as measured in distance, is 0 feet.

Focus: The focus of Ability 1 is to instruct students in basic safety; and in the proper motor skill coordination for swimming Freestyle and floating on the back. For Ability 1 students, all activities are done with total Buoyancy Support from the instructor.

The students are introduced to Freestyle: Buoyancy Control, Breathing Control, Kicking (leg movements) and Pulling (arm movements). Throughout each session of lessons, the students learn to assimilate these Thematic Movements together to perform the Freestyle stroke with Buoyancy Support from the instructor. Each student also learns and recites safety rules.

The goal is to enable students to perform these skills with minimal Buoyancy Support and eventually without the Buoyancy Support of the instructor.

Ability 2

Criteria: The student can move through the water at least 10 feet without Buoyancy Support from the instructor.

Focus: In addition to the skills listed for Ability 1, the students perform “Gliding” without Buoyancy Support. This Frontglide (Buoyancy Control + Breathing Control) eventually develops into an attempt at Freestyle as students assimilate Kicking (leg movements) and Pulling (arm movements). The end goal for Ability 2 is that the students swim Freestyle for 25 feet (8+ yards) with good technique. Good technique is defined by specific criteria on the Student Ability Report, which each student receives on the final day of class for each session.

Students are introduced to very practical safety skills. These include Backfloat (floating on the back without Buoyancy Support from the instructor) and our Self-Rescue Plan for Short Distance. This self-rescue plan has two phases. Students jump into deep water, in which they fully submerge. They learn to take a quick breath and exhale from their nose as they enter the water. They learn to pull themselves back up to the surface and take a quick breath. In the first phase, students attempt to arch into an autonomous Backfloat. While attempting to Backfloat, they call for help. In the second phase, students search for the wall, take a breath and swim Freestyle back to the wall. Many parents have told us that these skills have made a critical difference when their child(ren) have ventured too far from the edge of the pool. The students are also introduced to practical and basic Peer Rescue Skills.

Ability 3

Criteria: The student can move through the water at least 30 feet without Buoyancy Support from the instructor. 

Focus: The focus for Ability 3 is that the students refine Freestyle for the purpose of aquatic enjoyment. The end goal for Ability 3 is that the students swim Freestyle for 75 feet (25 yards) with excellent technique. Excellent technique is defined by specific criteria on the Student Ability Report, which each student receives on the final day of class for each session. To accomplish this, students learn to extend the shoulder and back, thereby causing a “body roll” that permits lateral breathing and enables them to swim longer distances.

We continue to emphasize safety via our Self-Rescue Plan for Long Distance, in which the students learn how to transition between Freestyle and Backfloat. The students learn to roll over from Freestyle to a Backfloat. While backfloating, they learn to stay calm and control their breathing rate. When they have had sufficient rest, they roll back over and continue swimming. Successful implementation of this safety plan allows the students to swim longer distances by resting in a Backfloat as necessary. Many parents have told us that this safety plan has given their child(ren) the self confidence needed to feel comfortable in the water and enjoy going to the pool or swimming in supervised open-water settings.

Level: Degree of Proficiency (Technique while Traversing the Distance)


Performance of Individual Thematic Movements: “Buoyancy Control,” “Breathing Control,” “Kicking” and “Pulling” are the four Thematic Movements that comprise the essential components of every stroke. A “Level A” student is working toward performing, or may successfully perform, individual Thematic Movements in isolation but cannot yet successfully assimilate multiple Thematic Movements.


Simultaneous Assimilation of Two Thematic Movements: Before the student can assimilate all of the Thematic Movements itemized in Level A above, he/she must first begin simultaneously assimilating different combinations of two Thematic Movements. A “Level B” student is 80% successful in performing all individual Thematic Movements in isolation (thus has graduated from Level A) but cannot yet successfully assimilate the various combinations of two Thematic Movements. Thus, they are working on Level B criteria.


Simultaneous Assimilation of Three Thematic Movements. A “Level C” student is 80% successful in assimilating two Thematic Movements (thus has graduated from Level B) but cannot yet successfully assimilate the various combinations of three Thematic Movements. Thus, they are working on Level C criteria.


Simultaneous Assimilation of Four Thematic Movements:At this level, the student is now assimilating all of the information learned into one focus – Swimming! A “Level D” student is 80% successful in assimilating three Thematic Movements (thus has graduated from Level C) but cannot yet successfully assimilate the four Thematic Movements with a demonstration of excellent technique. Thus, they are working on Level D criteria.


Student demonstrates 90% proficiency of a given stroke (Freestyle as related to this specific table). A “Level E” student is 90% successful in assimilating the four Thematic Movements and thus has graduated from Level D.

A student with an Ability Level of 1D has demonstrated the ability to assimilate all four Thematic Movements for Freestyle (proficiency Level D), but is not yet able\willing to do so without Buoyancy Support from the instructor (autonomy Ability 1). In other words, even though the student cannot yet swim autonomously, he/she is basically doing a “stationary” Freestyle stroke. This is an excellent foundation and when the student develops the courage and confidence to push away from the edge of the pool autonomously, he\she will have the “muscle memory” necessary to swim with a good level of proficiency! Conversely, a student with an Ability Level of 3A has demonstrated an ability\willingness to “swim” (move through the water) at least 30 feet autonomously (autonomy Ability 3) but has not yet demonstrated the successful assimilation of multiple thematic movements while traversing 75 feet (proficiency Level A). In other words, he\she can “cover the distance” but has yet to do so using a proficient Freestyle stroke.

2020 Session Schedule

Location Key: TVoL=Town Village of Leawood; HW=Homestead Woods
*In response to the pandemic safety guidelines, Homestead Woods has currently implemented a no guest policy and classes at that facility will be limited to residents of the community.
Spring SessionsMon & Wed OR Tues & Thurs for 4 WeeksLocationClass Start Times (PM)
Session 1 TThs*March 3 - March 26TVoLCancelled. See below.
Session 2 MWsMarch 30 - April 22TVoLCancelled. See below.
Session 2 TThsMarch 31 - April 23TVoLCancelled. See below.
Session 3 MWsApril 27 - May 20TVoLCancelled. See below.
Session 3 TThsApril 28 - May 21TVoLCancelled. See below.
Summer SessionsMon through Thurs for 2 WeeksLocationClass Times
Session 4June 1 - June 11TVoLCancelled. See below.
Session 5June 15 - June 25TVoLCancelled. See below.
Updated 05/29/20: Based on the recommended guidelines for social distancing set forth by the state of Kansas and Johnson County to slow the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), our company will resume our swim instruction program with Session 6, which begins July 7th.
Session 6*July 7 - July 16HW*9:10 AM, 9:45 AM
Session 6*July 7 - July 16TVoL12:00, 12:35, 1:10, 1:55, 2:30, 3:05, 3:50, 4:25, 5:00, 5:45, 6:20, 6:55, 7:25 (Teen\Adult)
*Due to instructor availability, the first week of Session 6 will be held Tuesday through Friday, with a potential makeup day on Saturday. The second week will be the usual Monday through Thursday with Friday as a potential makeup day.
Session 7July 20 - July 30TVoL3:50, 4:25, 5:00, 5:45, 6:20, 6:55
Session 8August 3 - August 13TVoL4:25, 5:00, 5:45, 6:20, 6:55
Tentative Fall Sessions: If conditions allow and we have sufficient interest and instructor availability, we may also schedule additional fall sessions. Please inquire for details and to be added to our request list for these later sessions.


Tuition for our standard group sessions of 4 students per class for eight (8) 35-minute lessons is $99.60 per student. Tuition for our standard Teen \ Adult group sessions of 4 students per class for four (4) 70-minute lessons is also $99.60 per student.
We limit our class size to four students.
 If you want the option of having fewer than four students in a class, your tuition will be directly proportional to our standard group class of four students, as detailed in this tuition chart:

Group Class: 4 StudentsGroup Class: 3 StudentsSemi-Private: 2 StudentsPrivate: 1 Student
Per StudentPer StudentPer Student

$25 Off First Session

To celebrate 34 years of swim instruction and to thank our customers, returning and new, we are offering $25 off per student for your first session of 2020. All students are eligible, whether you’re learning with us for the first time or continuing for another season. Each student is eligible for this discount once.

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