Join Our Team!

Experience summer employment that makes a difference as a swim instructor!

Teach swim instruction classes at our heated indoor facility for spring and summer sessions.

Due to the uncertainty of the pandemic, Jeff has made a decision that we will not offer a spring program. We plan to begin our 2021 swim instruction season in early June, in hopes that the vaccines will be available to the general population by then. We understand that other swim instruction providers are currently offering their services; and others will begin sooner than we are willing to do so. Our “style” of teaching is very “personalized”. As Jeff has always said to new instructors through the years, “We do full contact teaching.” We cannot most-effectively implement the teaching methodologies and techniques of our unique “Personalized Swim Instruction” curriculum¬†while¬†adhering to the restrictions (wearing of masks and physical distancing) necessary to protect the instructors and students. We are hopeful that such restrictions will be unnecessary (at least in an “aquatic classroom” environment) by the start of our first 2021 session, which will begin in June.

Please check back soon for updated information about our swim instructor positions.