Status Update

Updated 03/16/20

Due to the report of recent cases of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Johnson County, Pegasus Senior Living, the owners of Town Village of Leawood, have made the decision to restrict access to the facility to only the staff and essential visitors; for 30 days. Therefore, they have informed our company that we must suspend our swimming lesson program during this 30-day period. There have been NO cases of the virus for anyone living in or working at Town Village of Leawood. This is strictly a precautionary step by the owners of the facility. Obviously, this situation forces us to cancel the remainder of Session 1 and it will affect the first two weeks of Session 2. However, because no one knows how all of this is going to progress, we are cancelling Session 2 altogether. This will provide a total of six weeks before we begin Session 3. We ARE planning to resume our swim instruction program with that Session, which begins on April 27. If and only if this situation gets worse would we then need to cancel Session 3. If that becomes necessary, we will provide full refunds to all customers enrolled.

Please call 816-942-7946 or contact us through our website form if you have additional questions.